A business model built on authentic Mediterranean cuisine Good Mediterranean Food that's Good for You

Authentic Mediterranean Flavor Turns Fast Food

into a High Demand Sensation

We believe fast food can also be good food.

That's why we started the Shawarma Press franchise program in Dallas, Texas.

Shawarma Press is a pioneer of Mediterranean cuisine.

We took family recipes from the Middle East and added a modern twist to appeal to on-the-go folks in communities like yours.

Our business model takes one of the world's most popular street foods – shawarma – and wraps it into the franchise opportunity you’ve been searching for.

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The secret to our business approach is carried out in our franchise name.

Shawarma is one of the world’s most popular street foods. It's made from seasoned meats cooked on a vertical rotisserie and shaved off to serve in wraps and bowls.

The just-right seasoned flavors appeal to diners of all ages.

WHAT SETS US APART? Creativity and Innovation Meet Cross-Cultural Cuisine

Consumers are on the lookout for new cuisines.

Our menu celebrates the best of east and west. Food choices keep pace with the hottest trends in QSR and attract a loyal following of consumers who crave the innovative menu options.

A Shawarma Press franchise offers opportunities to realize your personal and professional potential. You can expand your customer service talents into a business of your own. Or diversify your restaurant experience with a brand that's on a growth path.

Learn more about what sets Shawarma Press apart from other QSR Franchises

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Support Commitment to Support You Every Step of the Way

Our communities matter to all of us at Shawarma Press.

That's why we believe in giving back to every neighborhood where our franchises operate.

Across our network, our franchise owners recognize exciting opportunities to help feed hungry families through food donations and participate in fund-raising activities that are important to the fabric of their territories.