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What Does the Future of Fast Food Franchises Look Like?

By Shawarma Press Franchise / October 10, 2022
Food Franchises

The future of food franchises–particularly fast food–seems stronger than ever, with growth skyrocketing for many brands. Overall, the number of corporate build-outs and fast food franchise opportunities in 2022 is growing at an average annual rate of 2.4% per person, with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% from 2020-2027. That’s a lot…

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How to Make Fast Food Franchises Delicious and Healthier

By Shawarma Press Franchise / February 28, 2022
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The average American dines out on fast food twice a week. However, while fast food franchises might be convenient and delicious, the food they serve isn’t always healthy. A typical fast food meal contains 700-1200 calories or about half of an adult’s recommended daily intake. At Shawarma Press, we want to do things differently. We…

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New Food Franchises in 2023: Why Shawarma Top this List

By Sawsan Abublan / November 29, 2021
new food franchises in 2022

We live in a global society, with many international cuisines available right at our doorstep. Many people are enjoying more diverse food than ever before, and that could make shawarma a key player for the top new food franchises in 2023. Diverse Cuisines are Uniting America A survey by OnePoll found that 88% of Americans…

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