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Shawarma Press Carves Out a Niche in Health and Fitness With Nutritious Mediterranean Fare for Fast Casual Dining

By Shawarma Press Franchise / May 24, 2023
Mediterranean Fast Casual Franchise

Menu items align with #1 ranked Mediterranean Diet and Attract Health-Conscious Consumers, Fitness Enthusiasts, and Athletes Irving, TX  (  Changing Perceptions in Fast Casual Dining Franchises Most healthcare professionals and dieticians agree that consuming takeout, fast food, or fast casual menu items on a daily basis would be detrimental to your health. However, Shawarma Press, the…

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Shawarma Press Continues Steady Growth And Expansion With Two Attractive Business Models For Franchisees

By Shawarma Press Franchise / May 24, 2023

Shawarma Press®, the nation’s first authentic Shawarma Franchise, was founded in 2016 by Sawsan Abublan and Dr. Ehap Sabri in Irving, Texas. Known for its healthy, made-from-scratch Mediterranean fare such as delicious Shawarmas, “world-famous” hummus, falafel, soup, salads, and wraps, Shawarma Press quickly endeared itself to customers in Texas before, during, and after the pandemic.…

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5 Basic Steps to Owning a Franchise in 2023

By Shawarma Press Franchise / April 3, 2023
Steps to owning a franchise

There’s a reason that when people think of the American Dream, they think of franchising. There are over 792,000 franchise establishments in the United States (Statista). Franchising is a business model that almost anyone can break into — even if you have no business or specific industry experience. With your hard work and dedication, you…

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Why Owning a Mediterranean Fast Food Franchise Can Be a Smart Move

By Shawarma Press Franchise / April 3, 2023
Mediterranean Fast Food Franchise Banner

With a market size of $39 billion and over 40,000 restaurants in the U.S., it’s no wonder why owning a Mediterranean fast-casual franchise is a smart move (IBISWorld). But, if you’re still wondering, we’ve outlined reasons why owning a Mediterranean fast food franchise is smart. Read more below and let’s begin this. What is Considered…

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Why Own a Mediterranean Chain Restaurant?

By Shawarma Press Franchise / April 3, 2023
Meditarrean Chain Restaurant Banner

Consumers are craving different types of food other than the typical American food brands that have dominated the marketplace in the past. People are becoming more worldly, traveling more, and are open to exploring new cuisines. Now more than ever, it’s the perfect time to own a Mediterranean restaurant chain and reap the benefits of…

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Finding a QSR Business for Sale: 4 Key Steps

By Shawarma Press Franchise / February 28, 2023
QSR Business for Sale

$256 billion. That is the revenue that the QSR market has reached recently. If you’re looking for a QSR business for sale, then you are looking in the right industry! There are many brands to discover when choosing a QSR franchise for sale. Not sure where to start? Here is what you need to know…

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Shawarma Press Offers a Mediterranean Spin on Kebab Franchises

By Shawarma Press Franchise / January 9, 2023
kebab franchise

Wraps have been a popular food staple in the U.S. for years. They are typically healthy, easy to eat and come in many varieties. However, there was something missing in the wrap market — wraps with a Mediterranean twist. With the growing interest in Mediterranean food franchises, mixed with widespread love of the wrap, the…

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Menu, Location, and More: Healthy Restaurant Franchises in Texas

By Shawarma Press Franchise / November 29, 2022
Healthy Restaurant Franchises in Texas

We’re a nation that places our health concerns front and center, and we’re paying more attention to them every year. It’s an evolving recognition of the connections between diet and well-being, and it can make healthy restaurant franchises in Texas a prudent option for potential owners who want to be part of this transformation of…

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The Mediterranean Diet Restaurants Concept: What to Know

By Shawarma Press Franchise / November 4, 2022
Mediterranean diet restaurants

Health consciousness has risen over the past few decades in the U.S. and has affected the dining habits of many people in the country. It’s a movement toward more heart-smart and weight-aware cuisines and can make ownership in Mediterranean Diet restaurants a smart choice in the modern industry. Here are some of the reasons why…

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What are the New Restaurant Franchise Opportunities?

By Shawarma Press Franchise / April 23, 2022
what are the new food restaurant franchises for 2022

Investigating the more than 750,000 restaurant franchise opportunities will be hard work but potentially, easy money once you find the perfect fit for you. Among all those restaurant franchises for sale, you must think if you want to be a small fish in a big pond or the other way around. That’s an important determination…

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