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Couple the irresistible Shawarma Press menu with an especially well-rounded franchise package and you’ll see why fast casual food franchise opportunities are attracting so much attention from investors. Read on to learn more about why there is no better QSR franchise opportunity to be found anywhere.

Become part of the fast-growing $256 billion Fast casual Industry as the newest Shawarma Press® franchisee. The traditionally inspired yet modern Mediterranean flavors of Shawarma Press have already turned countless americans into enthusiastic fans.

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Get to Know Fast Casual Food Franchise Opportunities in USA

The authentic and Mediterranean-inspired dishes that make up the Fast Casual Mediterraneans menu are undeniably appealing, and they are health-focused, as well. That is a great recipe for franchisee growth, but Shawarma Press Fast Casual Food Franchise Opportunity have far more to offer. Some of the many reasons to become a Shawarma Press franchise owner include:

  • Wide investment bracket — Some Fast casual food franchises require owners to commit a set, inflexible amount of investment. Shawarma Press is a lot more accommodating, with the all-in price for a brand-new franchise ranging from about $245,000 to $610,000. That makes it accessible to a wider range of potential owners, and it also means being able to tailor investment levels to best suit a local market.
  • Multiple floor plans — One of the reasons why they features such a broad investment bracket for franchisees is that the program has been designed around a number of flexible floor plans. Traditional locations can cover anywhere from 1,500 to 2,500 square feet, the leeway that can easily open up interesting options. Shawarma Press franchisees are also free to set up smaller shops in places like food courts and halls.
  • Comprehensive classroom training — Entrepreneurs, as well as veteran restaurateurs, are welcomed Shawarma Press franchisees. The Shawarma Press classroom training program is comprehensive and designed to accommodate every level of experience.
  • A supportive, committed management team — Many franchise companies are led by executives who keep mostly to the C-suite. At Shawarma Press, our experienced, knowledgeable, hands-on leadership team is committed to the growth of every franchisee. As a Shawarma Press franchise owner, you will receive lots of informed, helpful advice and support before, during, and after your restaurant’s opening.
  • Valuable vendor relationships — You’ll never need to wonder where to acquire inventory when you become a Shawarma Press franchisee. Our leadership team has already negotiated agreements with vendors who will supply everything you need at the lowest possible prices.
  • Fine-tuned marketing — Shawarma Press franchisees never need to worry about getting lost in the shuffle. All of our franchisees gain access to sophisticated, results-focused marketing strategies and assets that make it easy to get the word out. While the Shawarma Press brand is still young, a great deal of thought has been put into how best to develop it. That means you will enjoy increasing growth with your own marketing efforts as the awareness builds in the future.
  • Unmatched potential — Americans’ taste for Mediterranean food has been amply established. As the founders of Shawarma Press saw, though, restaurants that focus on the Mediterranean staple of shawarma wraps are still few and far between. Therefore, when you open a Shawarma Press franchise, you will be sure to leverage consumers’ love of Mediterranean food while also offering something truly unique and exciting.
  • Positive, community-engaged outlook — While part of the appeal of Mediterranean food is that it is something fresh and different, Shawarma Press has strong roots in Local Communities too.  Shawarma Press donates generously to worthy nonprofits and gives back to the community in other significant ways. The positivity customers feel when they enter a Shawarma Press restaurant is part of the company’s corporate DNA. Franchisees are encouraged to contribute to charity through the operation of their Shawarma Press location. Become a Shawarma Press franchisee and you’ll be proud of being part of a growing organization that makes a positive impact in many ways.

These benefits combine with Shawarma Press’s fresh, delicious, healthful food to form a franchise package that no other company can match. The Shawarma Press franchise program is still young, but all the pieces are in place for an outstanding future.

Fast Casual Restaurant Franchises Revenue Generation

A Fast Casual Restaurant Franchise has everything needed to open a great restaurant in any market. Franchisees are also free to go beyond the basics of successful Fast Casual operations to boost their revenues in a number of supplementary ways.

Some of the Fast Casual Restaurant Franchises options include making use of:

  • Additional daypart options — The lunch and dinner hours are key to the success of QSR establishments. Shawarma Press franchisees have menu options that appeal to the masses in any local market to ensure owners can capture business during the busiest hours of operation. In addition, Shawarma Press franchisees feel a sense of community through private catering services and/or food truck options. The Shawarma Press model is sure to accommodate the schedules of owners, employees, and hungry food lovers everywhere.
  • Delivery — The craveable nature of the entire Shawarma Press menu makes it a great fit for delivery. Lunch deliveries to local businesses can boost a franchise’s revenues significantly. Families that love Mediterranean food often enjoy nothing more than gathering around a dinnertime order from Shawarma Press.
  • Food Truck — Available to qualified owners with franchisor approval, franchisees have the opportunity to go mobile with their own food truck. This can be a great way to get more customers in different areas
  • Catering — Mediterranean food is a natural choice for catering, and the Shawarma Press approach is even more so. The original Shawarma Press developed a thriving catering business by offering irresistible options like trays full of Mediterranean appetizers and shawarma wraps. Franchisees will find plenty of support for focusing as much as they would like on building their own catering programs.
  • Online ordering — Many diners today prefer to order online instead of picking up the phone. The Shawarma Press franchise menu supports online ordering perfectly and makes every order easy. Franchisees can easily enable online orders for individual and catering orders, making things even simpler for customers.

Fast Casual Franchise: The Shawarma Press Story

The husband-and-wife founders of Shawarma Press – Fast Casual Franchise are natives of Jordan, a country with a vibrant, exciting culinary culture. After moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area over 20 years ago, they were pleased to see the growing number of Texans enjoying Mediterranean dishes at local restaurants focusing on the buffet- and cafeteria-style service. At the same time, the couple realized that food shops serving shawarma were nowhere to be seen in the area, so they realized that there was a real gap in the local market.

The first Shawarma Press opened to rave reviews from outlets like the Dallas Observer and hungry customers, too. With a unique approach to Mediterranean food, Shawarma Press features something everyone will love.

Purists, for example, enjoy traditional, simple, shawarma wraps served on flatbread filled with chicken or beef that had been marinated, stacked, then slowly cooked on vertical rotisserie spits, adding toppings like authentic pickles, tomatoes, and homemade sauces always make these handheld meals delightful.

More adventurous diners appreciate the fusion-infused side of Fast Casual Franchise Opportunities menus. One best-seller at the original Shawarma Press in Las Colinas, for instance, combines shawarma meats with Tex-Mex favorites like bell peppers, onions, shredded cheese, and a homemade Tex-Mex sauce.

Shawarma meat also found its way atop many other menu items like the famous rice bowl, hummus bowl, and shawarma fries, just to mention a few.

By focusing on quality and authenticity, on the one hand, and innovative new flavor combinations, on the other, the first Shawarma Press became one of the best-received new Dallas-Fort Worth restaurants of recent years. With the USA nation’s appetite for Mediterranean food intensifying every year, the Shawarma Press fast casual franchises program is perfectly positioned for growth.

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There are other Franchise opportunities in Texas, but none that have nearly as much to offer to entrepreneurs as Shawarma Press. Americans love fresh, healthful Mediterranean food, and Shawarma Press puts a distinctive spin on the formula with its wraps and innovative recipes.

Opening a Shawarma Press restaurant means having access to plenty of demand. The highly developed, deeply supportive Fast Casual Food Franchise program makes growth even easier to achieve.

Contact us now by calling 877-748-5769 or emailing us at to learn how you can open your own Shawarma Press Texas Restaurant Franchise. Get on board today with one of the freshest, most exciting QSR concepts around.

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Shawarma Press® is the shawarma franchise proud to present the authentic taste of Mediterranean food. It's a fresh, healthy food franchise, in its most flavorful form!

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