New Food Franchises in 2023: Why Shawarma Top this List

new food franchises in 2022

We live in a global society, with many international cuisines available right at our doorstep.

Many people are enjoying more diverse food than ever before, and that could make shawarma a key player for the top new food franchises in 2023.

Diverse Cuisines are Uniting America

A survey by OnePoll found that 88% of Americans experience other cultures through their food, and 79% have proactively learned about another culture after eating their cuisine. Food is helping to unite more and more people, and this presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs searching for new fast-food franchises.

New food franchises in 2023 need to cater to consumer demand for diversity. Over half of millennials say they’re more likely to try a restaurant if it offers innovative cuisine, and 76% are drawn to trying food from different cultures.

Shawarma is one of the hottest cuisines in America at the moment. It led the Yelp Top 100 list in 2020, and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food continues to be the second most popular restaurant cuisine among reviewers.

Shawarma Press franchises could be in a strong position to take advantage of the changing national appetite for tasty, ethnic food. A proud pioneer of Mediterranean cuisine, Shawarma Press was one of the first brands to introduce shawarma to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

With an increasing demand for flavorful Mediterranean Food and Middle Eastern dishes growing across the country, Shawarma Press is an exciting new food franchise in 2023.

Shawarma Press Menu Offers New Business Opportunities

It isn’t just new and unique cuisines that are attracting customers. The Mediterranean and Middle Eastern diets hit on a number of key industry trends for new food franchises.

Heritage cooking is in the news, demonstrating that customers want more diverse food from authentic sources. Shawarma Press founder and CEO Sawsan Abublan was inspired by her family’s recipes to create the Shawarma Press menu, featuring fresh ingredients and ethically sourced produce with the aim of delivering traditional, wholesome food.

Another important trend for new food franchises in 2023 is plant-based proteins, and chickpeas are finally in fashion. Food industry researcher Datassential reports that hummus has seen a 24% increase in restaurant menus in recent years. Falafel has also grown in popularity, with an extra 40% of restaurants adding it to their menus over the same period.

At Shawarma Press, chickpeas are the stars of our scratch-made hummus and falafel, offering two incredible meat-free options that even committed carnivores might find tempting.

Shawarma has an Exciting Potential for New Food Franchises in 2023

While hummus and falafel are finding a wider audience, the popularity of shawarma is also increasing. Ever since The Avengers stopped for Shawarma after saving the world in 2012, the interest in this Levantine dish has grown and grown.

Made from spiced meats cooked on a vertical rotisserie and shaved off to serve, Shawarma is one of the world’s most popular street foods, and this could be the year it finds a whole new audience in America.

Datassential called Middle Eastern cuisine “the ‘it’ taste of the times,” and noted that Shawarma had increased on menus by 45% over the past few years. That makes Shawarma a great menu option for some of the best new food franchises in 2023.

A big part of Shawarma’s appeal is in its generously spiced — but not too spicy — flavor. Innova Market Insights reported a 20% compound annual growth rate of ethnic spices in the American market between 2013-2017, while traditionally American flavors declined in popularity.

At Shawarma Press, our all-natural chicken and premium beef Shawarmas are made using traditional blends of spices for a rich, authentic flavor. Our special recipe will be served up in all our new food franchises.

Shawarma Press Updates Traditional Shawarmas with Modern Fusion Cuisine

While many people enjoy the traditional taste of authentic Shawarma, at Shawarma Press we’ve reinvented a classic with two amazing fusion wraps. Our Tandoori Press™️ Shawarma and Tex-Mex Press™️ Shawarma bring east and west together in two incredible flavor combinations.

Data by Statista shows that consumers are embracing fusion cuisine, with a 52% increase in fusion food items appearing on American menus in 2018. Fusion food remains one of the hot culinary trends in 2023, and Shawarma Press has tapped into this key market to unite humble shawarma with two other great flavor combinations.

Like Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods, Indian food is gaining traction in the American market. According to Statista, 6% of Americans eat Indian food at least once a month, and an additional 12% consume Indian food several times per year. That puts the Shawarma Press Tandoori Press Shawarma in a great position to capitalize on this emerging food trend.

Taking advantage of an established American favorite, the Tex-Mex Press Shawarma brings together some of the best Mexican, Southwestern, and Mediterranean flavors. The Mexican restaurant sector was worth approximately $62.24 billion in 2019, and 50% of Americans report eating Mexican cuisine at least once a month, so this combination has great potential for enticing American diners.

All About Unique Menu Offerings

As discussed above, best food franchises have to include a menu that is above the standard, and Shawarma Press has kept on offering a wide array of dishes that keep customers coming back for more.
The star of the show is, of course, our shawarma. Tucked inside delicious wraps, such as the authentic chicken shawarma wrap, beef shawarma wrap, Tex-Mex Press™ Shawarma wrap or Tandoori Press™ Shawarma wraps.

Our shawarma is packed with flavor and cooked to perfection — right in front of you! We also offer falafel and hummus wraps for those looking for meat-free versions.

Bowls and platters are trendy menu offerings that hit many check marks for people looking for a healthy meal. Bowls can be filled with fries, hummus, rice, or salad, topped with chicken, beef, or falafel, and doused with delicious tahini, tzatziki, tandoori, garlic, red chili or Tex-Mex sauces.

The platters are a great option for customers who want a little taste of everything, and the family platter is the perfect option for an easy, quick, and healthy dinner for families.

Even the appetizers are healthy at Shawarma Press, one of the best restaurant franchises for 2023. There are falafel bites, assorted pickles, hummus, lentil soup, and Mediterranean salad to choose from to accompany your healthy meal.

Health and Sustainability: The Best Food Franchise

Eating healthy food is no longer a trend — it’s a lifestyle. Consumers are incorporating healthy meal options into their daily routines. The people who care about the foods they put into their bodies typically also care about the environment and choose sustainable options when looking for food.

Where is the best food franchise for these health and sustainable-conscious consumers to go to get a fresh meal? Shawarma Press!

Shawarma Press has many positive benefits for entrepreneurs looking to be the boss of one of the best restaurant franchises for 2023. Going further on why Shawarma Press is one of the best food franchises for 2023? Here are 3 reasons:

1. Healthy and Sustainable Restaurant Franchises Are Popular

Mediterranean food, such as the food at Shawarma Press, is renowned for being fresh and healthy. Healthy food primarily includes fresh, natural, additive-free, and sustainably produced food — all qualities of Shawarma Press.

63% of consumers try to eat healthy most or all of the time, and the menu at Shawarma Press is a welcome attraction for these consumers.

For the 93% of people who haven’t made the leap into a health-conscious lifestyle but try to eat healthy some of the time, Shawarma Press is the way to go for those consumers as well (L.E.K. Consulting).

Consumers are constantly looking for restaurants that serve food that isn’t frozen and full of preservatives. Our food is made from scratch with authentic recipes and freshly prepared in-house daily, making us one of the best food franchises.

Even big franchise brands that are typically thought of as unhealthy are adding healthy options to their menus to attract the growing segment of health-conscious consumers.

2. We Put the Fast in Fast Casual

Not only do consumers want healthy and sustainable food, but they also want it fast! Although we take time to meticulously create each ingredient, when it comes time to order at this best restaurant franchise for 2023, you won’t be waiting long.

We understand the modern customer is busy and prefers to grab a meal on the go. Shawarma Press is the best food franchise to deliver high-quality, healthy items to people who want the convenience of a quick-service restaurant.

3. Increasing Interest in Shawarma

Mediterranean food is growing in popularity — especially shawarma. Marvel’s The Avengers certainly helped this dish gain recognition after the movie premiered in 2012.

After a victory from the team of superheroes in the movie, Iron Man says, “Have you ever tried shawarma? There’s a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don’t know what it is, but I want to try it.”

And apparently, so did the rest of the U.S.! It’s no wonder why Shawarma Press is one of the best food franchises.

Shawarma Press Could Be a Hot New Food Franchise in 2023

Since the first Shawarma Press location opened in Irving, Texas, we’ve been on a mission to bring healthier, flavorful fresh food to our customers. We love introducing people to new cuisines and embracing our role in a multicultural community through our innovative fusion menu.

Shawarma and other traditional ethnic foods don’t just taste great. They could also make good business sense because almost half of the millennials say they’ll pay more to try authentic new cuisines. Our menu reflects not just the culture and traditions of our founders, but the new demand from Americans for more diverse and authentic foods.

We’re opening up ten new food franchises in 2023 and beyond throughout Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma. Now we’re looking for entrepreneurs who see the potential in Shawarma and other Mediterranean cuisine options to join us.

2023 can be your year to become your own boss and take your future into your own hands. By investing in a Shawarma Press franchise, you are opening one of the best restaurant franchises for 2023 due to its healthy and sustainable culture, quick service, and unique menu offerings, and you’ll be taking advantage of the continually increasing interest in shawarma.

Find out more about Shawarma Press and discover more reasons why it is one of the best food franchises for 2023, don’t hesitate and contact us!

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