Invest in an Authentic, Versatile Brand that Caters to Consumer Demand

Traditional shawarma with a modern twist sets the Shawarma Press franchise apart in the fast food industry

There's an undeniable twist to everything about a Shawarma Press franchise.

It's a breakout brand with an innovative menu, clearly defined brand position and the momentum to grow in a competitive marketplace.

Shawarma Press caters to a healthy mix of Gen Z-ers, millennials, baby boomers and everyone in between.

It satisfies consumers who crave a fresh experience when it comes to their dining choices.

Interesting facts about Restaurant Franchise Opportunitties

The food service industry holds a dominant position in the U.S. economy. It generates nearly $900 billion in sales each year.

That represents 4% of total revenues produced in the U.S.

Quick service franchise restaurants are attracting a wave of interest from entrepreneurs across the country.

These business-minded folks recognize opportunities to tap into the earning potential of this $317 billion, in-demand sector.

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shawarma press announces further expansion in texas with grand opening of a third location at walmart in plano

Meet our Business Model Why Shawarma Press Franchise?

The business model has built-in flexibility that makes sense in the fast food world.

  • Tiered investment brackets and flexible floor plans mean you can control your investment as a franchise owner.
  • Whether a food hall, neighborhood retail center or hypermarket appeals to you, the Shawarma franchise model can suit your style.
  • An emerging brand that has been praised for its superior quality, authentic, and innovative flavors.
  • Detailed training in the classroom and on the job to ensure a smooth operation.

Our Business Model What does the market say?

Here are some market reasons to consider an investment in a Shawarma Press franchise.

How To Open A Restaurant

Learn more about what sets Shawarma Press apart from other QSR Franchises

Start Restaurant Construction And Order Supplies

A preference for QSR Franchise opportunities

The fast food industry continues to offer robust opportunities for the right brand.

On average, the American family spends $1,200 a year on food at quick-service restaurants.

That adds up to more than $50 billion spent at QSRs every year. In fact, QSRs account for more than 50% of sales in the entire restaurant sector.

Two out of three consumers prefer quick service options where they can easily dine in or take out.

They also like to explore heritage cuisines that satisfy their cravings for a fresh experience.