Halal Franchise Opportunity

A recent report found that the population of largely Muslim Arab Americans in the United States (those most likely to actively seek out a halal franchise) totals at least 3.7 million and households led by Middle Eastern/North African immigrants have about $41.5 billion in disposable income or “spending power” to use at U.S. businesses

Why a halal food franchise opportunity?

With the growing numbers of Islam population, restaurant fans will start to ask for a higher demand in halal food franchises in 2023. So, halal restaurants will have a good market opportunity near soon.
Customers are always on the look for different flavors, but also are familiar with specific formats and ways to consume. Halal restaurant businesses have an opportunity to present some authentic alternatives using known formats like quick service restaurants.

If you are passionate about restaurants, then trough all U.S you will find consumers eager for new recipes, good quality ingredients, and innovative ways to satisfy their cravings. Crafting the right menu is a most, as you will need to assure a winning experience, the correct ingredients supply and cooking times.


The halal franchise opportunity as a trend

However, Islam has the world’s most diverse followers and its influences come from all over the world including Europe (i.e,, Albania, Bosnia, Turkey), Africa, Asia (including Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia), Pacific Islands, and North and South America. As people migrate and travel throughout the world, the demand for halal fast food franchises is likely to increase.

The globalization dynamic is important for two reasons:

First, it demonstrates that there is a demand for Halal franchises wherever there are followers of Islam and second, this global influence is reflected in a variety of diverse cuisines, such as the menu items offered at Shawarma Press, all of which can be prepared easily and quickly without sacrificing flavor or quality.

A quality halal franchise in USA

When looking at halal franchises in USA, you would like pick one with recipes that are all made from scratch.  Emphasizing authenticity and freshness as well as the use of traditional Mediterranean staples such as hummus, falafels, and salads.

The importance of variety in halal business opportunities

A halal business menu has the chance to include a great variety of wraps, appetizers, bowls, home-baked pastries, desserts, and most importantly, a halal shawarma, a traditional cuisine consisting of chicken or beef meat cut into thin slices, stacked in a cone-like shape, and roasted on a slowly-turning vertical rotisserie or spit until ready to incorporate into wraps or bowls.

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