Franchise opportunities in Texas

Shawarma Press is a new franchise opportunity in Texas

Many Texans are reevaluating their current business and career options to seek Restaurant franchise opportunities in TexasThis is specially happening after economy looks to rebound.

One of the industries that has fared through the recent months is the fast casual restaurant industry, given the ability to easily adapt through increasingly important contactless and technology-driven pick-up and delivery options.

As potential business owners begin to explore their options in Texas, there are several key questions that should help guide them on their journey:

  • What should I look for in a franchise in Texas?
  • Which franchise opportunities are available and expanding in Texas?
  • Why Texas?
  • Why now? And most importantly,
  • why this particular opportunity?

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What to Look for in Franchise opportunities in texas?

The first step to recognizing whether a business or texas franchise opportunities are a good fit for you is conducting research.

The first thing that you should do is assess available opportunities to find out if they are in alignment with current consumer needs.

Luckily there is a great amount of restaurant industry trend reporting and consumer data available. These reports provide specific demographic and regional breakdowns that can be used to narrow down potential franchise and business opportunities.

Another thing that you should look for is a skills match. Most people choose a franchise or business opportunity in an industry in which they have some experience or knowledge as well as interest or passion.

Texas Franchises for Sale Tips

Many current and former professionals, executives, and managers find that buying a  franchise for sale in Texas can allow them to utilize many of the same professional and leadership skills that they have developed in the past.

  • Assess your finances: Potential franchisees should also be honest with themselves about their logistical and financial capabilities and limitations as they research businesses for sale in Texas. A key component of this is identifying opportunities that are a realistic match to their current financial situation, based on the total estimated initial investment, required net worth and liquid capital, and available financing.
  • Match opportunity and Location: Most importantly, the  or business opportunity must have the potential to work in a specific location. Even the most innovative products or services will not work in every market.

If there is little to no demand in your market, then even the strongest business plan won’t work in a chosen location.  This brings us to our next section — business opportunities in Texas, in particular.

Looking for Best franchise opportunities in Texas? Why Texas?

It’s been said that everything is bigger in Texas — and that includes the economy.

  • Size and Population: When doing a search like “franchise opportunities houston”, or “Texas franchise for sale” you realize that Texas is not only one of the largest states by landmass, but also by population as well as economic growth.
  • Market size: In early 2020, right before the pandemic, the Lone Star State boasted a gross domestic product of $1.77 trillion – the second largest in the nation. The state is home to 2.7 million small businesses, which employ 4.7 million people.
  • Growth in Texas — Many regard Texans as some of the proudest and most traditional Americans of all. While barbecue will always have a place in the heart of every Texan, Mediterranean food as served by Shawarma Press is an established favorite, as well. The first Shawarma Press location opened in Irving’s Las Colinas neighborhood, and the company is based there today.
  • Taxes benefits: Texas also offers potential small business owners and franchisees looking for the best franchise opportunities in Texas with other lucrative benefits not found elsewhere in the country, including taxes benefits and streamlined and simplified business and licensing regulations.

This business-friendly regulatory environment has proven conducive to getting a business up and running quicker than in areas with a greater amount of bureaucracy and more cumbersome regulations.

Franchise opportunities in houston, tx  and other cities

Additionally, if you are looking for Austin, San Antonio, Houston franchise opportunities or dallas franchise opportunities, these have been experiencing strong population growth and expansion in recent years, the most recent U.S. census found that Texas experienced a 20.59% population growth from 2000 to 2010 — more than double that of the United States as a whole (9.71%).


While time will tell about the future growth, many experts predict that newcomers will continue to steadily migrate to Texas due to its relatively strong economy and affordable housing market.

Most importantly, the Texas state government has committed itself to growing the state’s export sectors while also supporting the small and local businesses in Texas that bring character, creativity, and authenticity to local communities. This is a sentiment echoed by many of the state’s local leaders as well.

Why Now?

Quite simply put: people still need to eat.

A recent report in QSR Magazine found that the demand to eat out is still high and that people continue to flock to restaurants — more so to quick service and fast casual restaurants than dine-in concepts, especially since the pandemic took hold.

The same study found that small business owners are also in a better position to negotiate with landlords and other suppliers for better rates and terms than they may have been able to in the pre-pandemic economy.

Another reason that now is a great time to franchise is that the employee pool is stronger than ever. Unfortunately, a great number of Americans have lost their jobs, leaving many talented and capable people out of work. This provides a great opportunity to recruit top talent for a new business for sale in texas or a Franchise Opportunity.

Why Shawarma Press as a Franchise opportunity in Texas?

Shawarma Press is a fast casual Mediterranean franchise concept that offers an appealing franchise opportunity in Texas.  Its model combines innovative product offerings, quality service, and integrated technologies. In addition to authentic, flavorful Mediterranean cuisine and proprietary award-winning recipes, Shawarma Press franchise for sale in Texas also offer franchisees a comprehensive business model, reliable vendor partnerships, diverse marketing techniques, appealing terms and conditions, strong ongoing training and support, and technology that allows customers to order online and via a smartphone app.

In addition to the typical questions that you would ask a potential franchisor, it is also prudent to ask franchisors how they handled the recent adverse events. How did they adapt their business model? How did they market to customers? How did they deal with any supply chain interruptions? Are they financially stable? How did they help franchisees through the crisis? How did they ensure the safety of their customers? While some Texas businesses have failed, at Shawarma Press, we quickly adapted so that we could continue to operate with no interruptions following the capacity modifications and guidelines suggested by health officials. As Texans return to work and the economy pushes towards a recovery, we are committed to providing our Texas community with the same quality products and level of service as well as our commitment to our local neighborhoods.

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