Key Innovations Changing the QSR Franchise Market

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For investors considering a quick-service restaurant franchise – QSR franchise-, it’s important to stay ahead of the trends and innovations influencing the market. In this post, we’ll explore some of the hottest innovations that could impact the market through 2022 and beyond.

Futurology in the QSR Franchise Market

What is futurology? It’s a look into what lies ahead, based on current trends. Change can come from anywhere. For QSR businesses, the top places to look are technology, innovation, and the people.

Why does futurology matter? Many businesses get comfortable with a model they know works for them. However, they risk being left behind when social, political, and economic changes impact their industry. The first online food order happened all the way back in 1994, way before most restaurants had even heard of the internet. Today, almost every restaurant has a website or other form of an online presence.

By paying attention to new and emerging trends, savvy entrepreneurs can anticipate what changes will most impact their businesses. Here’s our pick of just a few QSR franchise trends to watch.

The Changing Face of Tech for QSR Franchises

The internet brought about a lot of changes in how restaurants do business. Search engines make restaurants more visible to new customers. Now they can search by proximity, cuisine, opening hours, reviews, and more. Restaurants can display their menus and promote special offers or events. They can even entice customers with more information about their businesses.

Today, many QSR restaurants also take online orders through their website and/or a company app. And third party delivery companies help restaurants that haven’t created their own mobile apps. Now they can accept online orders through those third parties.

What does the future look like for this field? It could be an app for every QSR franchise location. Alternatively, consumers may indicate they’re unhappy downloading individual apps for each business. Consolidated ordering platforms could become the norm.

Shawarma Press already accepts online orders through our company website and through our App. We also provide details about our menu, location, and opening hours. Another popular addition is the ability for customers to review the nutritional information of our menu. Now they can design a meal that suits their dietary needs.

Staying in Contact with Customers through Omnipresent Marketing

Technology has dramatically changed the way brands and consumers interact. Omnipresent marketing, also called omnichannel marketing, lets customers choose how they approach businesses. They can call, email, or reach out on social media. The choice is theirs!

Omnipresence isn’t just about being available on every possible channel 24/7. It’s about creating a consistent experience across all channels. So if a customer asks a question through email, they should be able to follow up with it via social media, without having to start over at the beginning.

Omnipresence requires seamless integrations behind the scenes to update a customer’s file. It needs to document every communication, no matter where it came from. That’s a tall order for most QSR restaurants at the moment, but the technology is becoming more accessible. In the meantime, the QSR franchise market can benefit from offering new ways for customers to get in contact.

At Shawarma Press, in addition to our website, we maintain a presence on major social media channels and highlight the best ways for customers to contact us with any query.

Improving the QSR Franchise Experience with Menu Innovations

Quick-service restaurants typically offer a menu that can be cooked and served quickly and easily. However, more and more consumers prefer to customize their choices. How can QSR franchises give customers what they want, without compromising their business model?

Menu flexibility is the answer. Online ordering and restaurant apps already allow customers to make changes they might not request at a counter or drive-thru window. As this trend is likely to continue, creating a menu designed for customization is the best way forward. By adding in flexibility from the start, QSR restaurants can control the ways that customers personalize their orders, while serving up dishes that feel more personal.

At Shawarma Press, our wraps, bowls, and platters can all be customized to suit each individual’s tastes and dietary requirements.

The Best QSR Franchises Focus on People First

Despite living in an increasingly technological world, people are at the heart of the QSR franchise industry. It’s motivated employees, a welcoming atmosphere, and the personal touch that inspire consumer loyalty.

Shawarma Press as a QSR franchise

At Shawarma Press, we built our passion for people into our core company values: Social Responsibility, Integrity, Trustworthiness, and Excellence. Shawarma press is a QSR franchise opportunity that seeks to be more than just a restaurant chain. We don’t just say we care, we demonstrate it daily. We give back to our local community through charitable donations designed to reduce food insecurity. We want to help ensure that no child goes to bed hungry. It’s our ambition to expand these efforts, creating a global force for good through the act of giving.

Investing in Shawarma Press QSR Franchises

If you’re looking to invest in a QSR franchise with a finger on the pulse of emerging trends in the industry, a Shawarma Press franchise could be the right opportunity for you. Contact us today to learn more about opening your own Shawarma Press franchise location.

Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press® is the shawarma franchise proud to present the authentic taste of Mediterranean food. It's a fresh, healthy food franchise, in its most flavorful form!

Our QSR franchise team is on a mission to share compelling flavors and offer you a chance to bring them to a location near you! Let's meet our team now.

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