What Goes into Running a Healthy Restaurant Franchise?

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The national appetite for healthy food is growing, and that could mean a great opportunity for enterprising entrepreneurs looking for the best healthy restaurant franchises.

Shawarma Press is inviting seekers of healthy fast food franchises to read on to learn what it means to run a healthy restaurant franchise.

Why a Healthy Restaurant Franchise is a Great Opportunity

Modern life happens at a fast pace, and that makes fast food attractive for many consumers.

  • According to data from IBISWorld, the fast-food industry was worth a massive $278.6 billion in 2021, with an annual growth rate of 8.9%.
  • However, consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious. A survey by Deloitte found that 83% of consumers thought fast food restaurants should offer healthier choices. Many Americans want exciting new options from fast dining, including healthier salads and wraps, and low-carb and plant-based alternatives to traditional fast food.

Quick service restaurants like Shawarma Press help supply this growing niche by offering fast, healthy food options.

  • Many consumers are increasingly choosing to spend their dollars at healthy fast food restaurant franchises and the popularity of the quick-service restaurant industry has been shown in its rapid growth, with a compound annual rate of 6.8% predicted through 2027.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is noted for healthy fats, fresh fruit, and whole grains. Many studies have shown that eating a Mediterranean diet could help people to live longer, healthier lives.

Shawarma Press has entered the quick-service restaurant industry with health-focused fast food options based on the Mediterranean diet. This type of diet is inspired by the food eaten in countries like Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon.

Shawarma Press is a healthy restaurant franchise offering an exciting modern twist on the traditional Mediterranean diet. Our range of wraps, salads, hummus, and rice bowls is on-trend and absolutely delicious! Shawarma Press uses all-natural chicken and premium beef in our authentic shawarma to deliver high-protein, high-quality fast-casual dining.

Bringing the Traditional Shawarma Up to Date

Shawarma is traditional street food from the Levantine region of the Mediterranean basin and has been popular for hundreds of years. Shawarma Press has put a multicultural twist on an old favorite with fusion recipes that celebrate the best of healthier fast cuisine.

Customers looking for healthy restaurant franchises can visit Shawarma Press and choose from chicken or beef shawarma served in traditional wraps, or go international with our Indian-inspired Tandoori Press™️ Shawarma or Tex-Mex Press™️ Shawarma.

Tapping into consumer desire for plant-based options, we’ve also created two meatless wraps that pack a punch of Mediterranean flavor. Our homemade falafel and hummus are authentic alternatives to traditional shawarma.

Fresh and Nutritious Salads and Bowls

Bowl meals are healthier, visually appealing menu options on the rise, increasing 30% over the past few years. Healthy restaurant franchises like Shawarma Press serve up Mediterranean bowls with a difference. Our bowls are completely customizable, with salad, rice, hummus, and fries serving as the base for the customer’s choice of protein and toppings.

In addition to the classic Mediterranean salad, we also offer a Levantine Tabbouleh salad featuring fresh parsley, tomatoes, onions, bulgur, and a healthy glug of olive oil.

It’s just another way our healthy restaurant franchises help meet growing consumer demand.

Many diners have discovered the benefits of eating healthy whole grains such as bulgur wheat. Over 50% of consumers say they are trying to increase their intake of whole grains.

Whole grains are high in nutrients and fiber and are better for the environment too. As consumers make more choices based on the ecological impact of the foods they eat, offering alternative grains is just one way Shawarma Press is primed for the future.

Behind the Scenes at Shawarma Press Healthy Restaurant Franchises

So what goes into delivering all this tasty, nutritious goodness? At Shawarma Press, we want to become the go-to place for outstanding Mediterranean food. Our menu is made from scratch using authentic recipes, and is prepared in-house daily.

We strive to source the highest quality fresh ingredients for a menu bursting with flavor and Mediterranean character. Everything we serve can be made quickly and easily in a compact space. We’ve designed flexible floor plans starting at 1500 square feet for traditional locations, and even smaller outlets for food courts and food halls.

Big flavor is at the heart of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, and at Shawarma Press. We believe that healthy food should look great and taste even better.

Our focus on fresh ingredients, vibrant spices, and ethically sourced proteins mean customers can satisfy their hunger without compromising on taste or quality.

Shawarma Press healthy food restaurant franchises also meet the growing demand for ethnic fusion cuisine. Research has found that almost a third of customers are willing to pay more to experience authentic ethnic foods, and demand for African and Middle Eastern flavors is on the rise.


Joining Shawarma Press Healthy Restaurant Franchises

Shawarma Press restaurants present a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the healthy fast food franchise business.

Our business model features a number of hot and growing trends in the fast-food industry. We offer authentic ethnic cuisine containing fresh, in-demand ingredients that can be assembled quickly and easily with streamlined kitchen space.

Our quick-service Mediterranean restaurants represent an emerging brand that is growing fast. The first Shawarma Press location opened in Irving, Texas, in 2017, and customers quickly embraced the menu of traditional wraps and innovative fusion foods.

We now plan to open an additional ten locations across Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida and are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs to join us as we continue to expand.

Learn More about the Shawarma Press Healthy Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

Shawarma Press is a compelling choice for a low-cost healthy franchise. New franchise owners benefit from a business model with multiple potential revenue sources, including dine-in, carry-out, online ordering, catering, and delivery.

We also provide new franchisees with training and technology to help them establish their Shawarma Press restaurants.

If you’re interested in learning more about franchising with Shawarma Press, contact us today.

Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press® is the shawarma franchise proud to present the authentic taste of Mediterranean food. It's a fresh, healthy food franchise, in its most flavorful form!

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