Finding a QSR Business for Sale: 4 Key Steps

QSR Business for Sale

$256 billion. That is the revenue that the QSR market has reached recently. If you’re looking for a QSR business for sale, then you are looking in the right industry! There are many brands to discover when choosing a QSR franchise for sale. Not sure where to start? Here is what you need to know when starting your journey to opening a QSR business.

What is a QSR Business?

A QSR business stands for Quick Service Restaurant business. These types of businesses are also referred to as fast-casual restaurants. Speed is the name of the game in QSR franchises for sale.

They have menu items that can be prepared quickly and simply. Efficient processes that have minimal preparation are important in QSRs because they all impact the lead time of the customer’s food. One of the best QSR franchises is Shawarma Press because they offer high-quality meals with the speed of a fast-casual restaurant.

Step 1: Research Opportunities

There are many options to choose from when searching for QSR franchise opportunities. Keep in mind certain aspects such as the franchise fees, royalty fees, and capital needed.

What is the competition like in your area? Are the products and services your franchise offers in demand there? You don’t want to enter an oversaturated market.

Another thing to keep in mind when you search for QSR franchises for sale is the brand’s reputation. You will be adopting the brand’s values and vision as a franchise owner, so make sure you align with the brand’s culture.

A shawarma QSR business like Shawarma Press offers Mediterranean food, which is increasingly popular, at a fast-casual pace. Don’t forget to check them out when searching for the best QSR franchise!

Step 2: Create a Business Plan

The franchisor, such as Shawarma Press, has the operations manual ready to go. The process of how to run the business and suppliers to use is all worked out. However, you still need to create a business plan for your shawarma QSR business.

A business plan is a document that outlines the goals of your business, how you will attain those goals when you’ll achieve them, and more. Your business plan can also help you receive financing.

Your business plan will need certain elements in it, such as

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Organization and Management
  • Service or Product Line
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Funding Request
  • Financial Projections
  • Appendix

Step 3: Secure Funding

Many entrepreneurs need to take on some sort of financial help when opening a QSR franchise for sale.

The lender needs to have confidence in your ability to run a successful business to ensure they will receive their money back, which is why your business plan (as stated in step 2) is so important.

A healthy credit score is important as well. There are many facets of opening a QSR business for sale that have upfront costs, such as the franchise fee, supplies, licenses, point-of-sale systems, signage, grand opening marketing, 1-2 months’ rent payment, 2 months of employee salaries, insurance, utilities, furniture, and more.

Are you looking for a lower-cost QSR franchise opportunity? Shawarma Press could be a great opportunity for you as a shawarma business for sale. The investment bracket ranges from between $243,250 and $607,000, and the initial franchise fee is $35,000.

Step 4: Hire Staff and Get Trained

You’ll need help running your QSR franchise for sale. The franchisor has the operations fleshed out, but you’re in charge of finding staff (among many other things).

When pursuing a shawarma QSR business such as Shawarma Press, you will receive training on how to run the business successfully. This training also extends to the people you hire. You’ll most likely need managers, cooks, and cashiers to assist you with running your shawarma QSR business.

They’ll need to know how to create the Mediterranean dishes exactly how the franchisor has stated in their operations manual so that there is consistency across all locations. Your success is the franchisor’s success, too – so your prosperity is important to them!

Now that you know the 4 key steps to finding a QSR business for sale, it’s time to contact Shawarma Press to discover more details about opening the best QSR franchise. Find out more at


Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press® is the shawarma franchise proud to present the authentic taste of Mediterranean food. It's a fresh, healthy food franchise, in its most flavorful form!

Our QSR franchise team is on a mission to share compelling flavors and offer you a chance to bring them to a location near you! Let's meet our team now.

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