It’s Great To Be Your Own Boss. Here’s Why

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If you are one of many people who have an entrepreneurial drive, the odds are you long to be your own boss. As a business owner, you can set your hours and work whenever you want to. It is the classic case of being able to benefit from your hard work as opposed to someone else reaping the benefits. While it’s a noble aspiration to be an independent business owner, there are several things to know going into such a venture. The key to doing well in the long term is to be set up for growth right from the beginning, and this guide will go over some key points.

Control Your Destiny and Income

Everyone who has ever gone to work for someone else has probably been told how much they would be earning. They would undoubtedly be told how many hours they would be toiling away. By owning your own business, you have control over your future and the future of your business. You also control how many hours each week you will work to grow the business effectively . You can work longer hours if you want to earn more revenue, but you will also have the built-in flexibility that comes with being your own boss. You also have the unique advantage of being able to set the expectations for your employees. If they see you working hard and taking pride in what you do, they will follow suit and work hard themselves.

A Better Lifestyle

Owning a business gives distinct lifestyle advantages. When you are in charge, you can decide when and where you want to work. If you want to spend more time on non-work activities or with your family, no approval is needed and you don’t have to ask for any time off, for that time is now yours. With today’s technology, it’s now easier than ever to get many things done from within the comfort of home. That reduces or eliminates the commuting time, which also has other inherent benefits such as cutting down on traffic and pollution.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Feel The Pride

People are creatures of habit. They fall naturally into a comfort zone, especially after working in that specific zone for long periods. By owning a business, you can push yourself out of that comfort zone. You will find yourself being challenged like never before and thinking more creatively than you ever imagined. As a business owner, you will also feel a new found sense of pride. This may be the first time that you are directly reaping the benefits of your hard work and effort. You can create your own destiny.

Learn a New Subject, and Become an Expert In It!

Working for yourself can be akin to earning an MBA in your very own business.  Through hands-on work, you will get to know every aspect of your business very quickly. By diving in headfirst, you will soon learn all the nuances and subtleties of your business and become an expert in that field. As a business owner, you will feel a certain responsibility to become someone relied on by employees to answer any questions that may arise. But the good news is, when you invest in a franchise opportunity, the franchisor will provide all of the necessary training and tools needed to help the business grow.

Finding Never Before Used Creativity

Calling the shots allows you to be creative, without any limits as to how much or how little creativity you can expend. This can involve coaching staff, implementing local marketing efforts (with franchisor guidance and approval), and being involved in the local community.  There will be many ways to use your creativity to grow your own business for a sustained run.

The Advantages of Owning a Franchise Opportunity

For qualified entrepreneurs, Franchisors will provide the tools and training needed to efficiently operate the business model. It is also easier to secure financing for a franchise than most people imagine. It can also cost less to buy a franchise than to start your own independent business in a similar category.

Franchises generally have an established reputation and brand image. They are run by experienced management with efficient work practices There is also access to nationwide marketing and advertising campaigns, and ongoing business support. When you are starting a business independently, you have to launch your brand all on your own. By joining with a popular franchise program there is already an established customer base that knows all about the brand and is waiting to see what a new location may bring.

What Direction is Best for a Franchise Opportunity?

Many of us who wish to work for ourselves envision buying a QSR franchise. The time is right, as there is ample availability of franchises offering effective business models. Labor is still relatively inexpensive, but owners still need to cultivate expected employee performance by providing the tools to succeed. There is still an ample amount of room for personal growth and creativity in the QSR business.

As the owner of your franchise, you can offer a great menu and appealing dining experience to your customers. You can also positively impact the local community by being a good neighbor. Those who are interested in such an opportunity should seek a franchisor with a history of civic-mindedness and giving back to the community.

Dare To Be Different

Owning a Mediterranean restaurant franchise is one way to set yourself apart from others. In many parts of the nation, there is a craving for true Mediterranean fast food. In even more areas, it is a novel concept ready to be embraced and to grow quickly. This cuisine allows diners to have nutritious and healthier options while at the same time providing their palates with a pleasant experience. Mediterranean cuisine is a healthier way of eating than traditional fast food, and no longer just thought of as a diet preference. For too long, there was a misconception that health food meant flavorless food. The type of food served at Shawarma Press provides bold flavors, appealing dishes, and a great alternative to the usual fast food fare.

In food parlance, the word Mediterranean is used in many different terms. At its core, the cuisine consists of flavors from southern Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East. This consists of fresh olives, olive oils, yogurts, and cheeses. Staples in the cheese group are feta and halloumi. There is also a wide array of spices, including coriander, cumin, and saffron. Also part of the region’s cuisine are juicy vegetables, like tomatoes and eggplants. There are forms of protein that come from nuts, peas, and meats.

American diners have now embraced Mediterranean classic favorites, like hummus, pita bread, and falafel, all of which have become staples to many Americans’ diets. This, in turn, has led to acceptance for bolder spices such as cardamom and harissa, which have now been placed on menus around the United States, not to mention supermarket shelves.

Ride the Mediterranean Wave

Franchise operators that have embraced Mediterranean food are riding a wave, especially in the quick-service sector. This is a segment that’s expected to be worth close to $70 billion this year. The growth is likely to benefit all operators who embrace this change, as Mediterranean cuisine has grown in popularity on U.S. restaurant menus exponentially over the past few years. This is a sector and an ethnic dining trend that is worth investing in.

A Cuisine With Legitimate Health Benefits

Some research has shown that Mediterranean food may improve cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and overall blood vessel health. This in turn may reduce one’s risk of contracting dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. There are high levels of antioxidants in Mediterranean food, and this can prevent cells from going through a damaging process called oxidative stress. That can mitigate the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease by almost fifty percent. 

Mediterranean food is also very high in fiber and digests more slowly than other foods, preventing huge swings in blood sugar. Not only can this help folks maintain a safe weight level, but it can slow down the risk of diabetes. In a nutshell, Mediterranean food has so many health benefits for it integrates all of the elements of healthy eating.

Take a Look Into a Model Franchise

Opening a restaurant franchise is a great way to start being your own boss. Here at Shawarma Press, we’re an emerging leader in the industry. A shawarma wrap was, until recently, relatively unknown to many Americans; but it is now a popular choice for its nutritional value and delicious taste. Shawarma Press is different from many cafeteria styles operators, as our customers can walk in and get a wrap or bowl made from scratch by our team members. We take pride in the fact that our training program and operations manual prepares franchisees for a rewarding business venture.

Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press® is the shawarma franchise proud to present the authentic taste of Mediterranean food. It's a fresh, healthy food franchise, in its most flavorful form!

Our QSR franchise team is on a mission to share compelling flavors and offer you a chance to bring them to a location near you! Let's meet our team now.

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