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low cost restaurant franchise opportunities usa 2021

Recent years have seen a variety of changes in the national and global economies. Changes in consumer spending, logistical challenges, shifting consumer tastes, increased regulations, and other factors have forced businesses to rethink their business model and find ways to be more efficient and leaner.

Fortunately for potential franchisees, this means there are more low-cost restaurant franchise opportunities available than ever before. This also reflects increased interest in franchising.

What is a low cost Restaurant Franchise Opportunity?

Generally speaking, a low cost restaurant franchise opportunity is the one that includes franchise offerings that have relatively low startup costs compared to other options.

The cheapest food franchise opportunities may also operate with lower ongoing costs than other industry competitors. Many of the most in-demand affordable franchise opportunities are found within the quick service restaurant sector.

Top Low Cost Restaurant franchises by type

Usually entrepreneurs that are seeking for the least expensive restaurant franchises start with these:

How do the top low-cost restaurant franchises stay lean and keep costs low?

The answer lies in capitalizing on technology, finding the best vendors and suppliers, and emphasizing versatility and innovation throughout every aspect of the business planning process.

1. Cost Savings Through Automated Technology

One of the biggest transformations in the restaurant industry (especially the quick service category) has been the evolution of online ordering technology and its integration with highly efficient point of sale systems.

Many of the best cheap restaurant franchise opportunities have embraced this vital element of technology:

  • Accessibility. Online ordering technology allows users to order directly from a restaurant either via a website or smartphone app.
  • Low Conectivity Cost. The order goes directly to the restaurant, seamlessly interfacing with the restaurant’s point of sale (POS) system.
  • Integration. Online ordering is most commonly used for ordering takeout or delivery, and a similar tableside system can be used for in-person dining.
  • Distribution. Third party delivery sites or apps such as GrubHub, UberEats, Postmates, and DoorDash operate in a similar manner. Users search for local restaurants near them and then order via the third party’s website or app, which interfaces with the restaurant’s ordering system, immediately sending the customer’s order to the restaurant.

The main consumer benefit of online ordering systems (whether proprietary or third party) is their ability to order from the comfort of their own homes, workplaces, or anywhere they are connected to the internet.

On the restaurant side, managers can more efficiently delegate employees to handle orders, and there is less chance of errors.

Recent research found that 63% of consumers agree it is more convenient to get delivery than dine out with a family, and 60% of restaurant operators indicate that offering delivery has generated incremental sales.

Additionally, research has shown that customers tend to spend more when ordering online than in person. This in turn generates higher sales for food franchise opportunities.

Top low-cost restaurant franchises have embraced third party delivery systems, created their own online ordering system, or both.

Shawarma Press is a low cost restaurant franchise opportunity with a state-of-the-art online ordering system.

It integrates effortlessly with our point-of-sale system, including its secure payment platform.

The system also allows easy updates to our menus. In addition to providing franchisees with this easy-to-use ordering software, we assist them in establishing partnerships with top online delivery platforms, and providing tips on best practices for maximizing the benefits of these platforms.

2. Strategic Vendor and Supplier Relationships on Low Cost Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

Quality menu items are a staple of any successful restaurant, including low-cost restaurant franchises. This means it is vital to select vendors that offer the freshest food and are capable of delivering it in a reliable and timely manner – without breaking the bank.

Restaurant franchise Opportunities

Shawarma Press, like other restaurant franchise opportunities, have worked to find the most cost-effective vendors and suppliers – those who provide the highest quality products at an affordable cost without sacrificing customer service.

Through strategic negotiations, we have been able to secure group discounts for our franchisees. This dramatically reduces many startup and operational costs through discounts that would otherwise not be available to independent restaurateurs.

3. Versatile Business Models for Cheap Restaurant Franchises

The most successful restaurant franchises for sale have found ways to adapt to changing market conditions, consumer tastes, and logistical challenges. Global events have the capacity to affect everything from availability of ingredients to vendor delivery times to food and supply costs.

Top restaurants are able to adapt to any challenge, whether that means making temporary menu modifications, adjusting staffing and scheduling, or shifting focus from an in-store experience to a takeout one. For example, statistics show that 59% of restaurant orders from millennials are takeout or delivery.

At Shawarma Press, we used this information to drive messages about our takeout and delivery options in our marketing. The most versatile restaurants (which happen to be some of the best low-cost restaurant franchises) are also able to figure out how to embrace new social media marketing techniques, identify emerging market segments, and use consumer research to make modifications to their business plan and menu offerings.

4. A Focus on the Future

In conclusion, operating a franchise takes hard work, dedication, energy, and commitment. There are no substitutes for these factors and characteristics. However, the right business model is also a crucial consideration when selecting a low-cost restaurant franchise opportunity.

The top low-cost restaurant franchise opportunities, especially a ShawarmaPress  QSR franchise restaurant, all have two key features in common: they are always looking to the future, and they are fueled by passionate franchisors who care about their franchisees and provide comprehensive support throughout their franchise journey.

A Conclusion about low cost Restaurant franchise opportunities

At ShawarmaPress Franchise, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest industry and consumer trends and market research, and using this information to make informed business decisions which benefit our franchisees throughout our entire system. Contact us today to learn more about our low-cost restaurant franchise opportunities.

Last update date: 2021-09-27

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