Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

restaurant franchise opportunities

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for exciting new restaurant franchise opportunities, then you should consider an investment in Shawarma Press. Read on to learn how we’re building a top restaurant franchise, and how to own a franchise restaurant of your own.

Why Consider Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

The quick service restaurant industry is big business in America. The industry employs over 3.8 million people, and franchised quick service restaurants were predicted to achieve over $280 billion output in 2020.

While the industry suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic, it began rebounding in full force in the following year. The 2021 market size of the quick service restaurant industry was predicted to outpace the 2019 market by half a billion dollars, putting QSRs back on track to enjoy continued future growth.

How the Pandemic Improved Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

For entrepreneurs considering investing in restaurant chains for sale, the pandemic provided some valuable industry insights. While some restaurants suffered due to lockdowns and reduced dine-in capabilities, others thrived and even grew.

The survivors have demonstrated the adaptability and foresight needed to navigate uncertain times. As an entrepreneur, aligning your investment with a business that has already shown the strength of its operational model could be a smart decision.

Shawarma Press offers multiple potential revenue streams for franchisees, all built around a varied, customizable menu of authentic and innovative choices. As well as a traditional walk-up and dine-in service, Shawarma Press locations have the opportunity to diversify revenue with online ordering, delivery, and catering options.

The Shawarma Press Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

As one of the first restaurants to introduce authentic Mediterranean shawarma to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the team behind Shawarma Press already knew a thing or two about navigating uncharted waters. Texans embraced the scratch-made, traditional recipe shawarmas, hummus, and baklavas and heralded Shawarma Press as a truly exciting new restaurant franchise.

Interested in Shawarma Press Franchise?

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In 2021, Shawarma Press announced an ambitious expansion plan that included opening an additional ten locations across Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma by the close of 2022. At least seven of the planned franchises will operate inside Walmart​​® stores, providing Shawarma Press with a range of prime locations to attract foot traffic and introduce new customers to this restaurant franchise opportunity.

Changing the Future of QSR Best Restaurant Franchises

The quick service restaurant industry is best known for burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches. But consumers are also seeking out new cuisines at an increasing rate and looking for innovative and exciting meal options from QSRs.

Heritage cooking was a top trend of 2021, according to Food & Wine. “The rise in recognition for immigrant cooking and heritage recipes has been a long time coming,” the magazine reports. Americans are embracing the diversity that immigrant and first-generation chefs are bringing to the table. It’s the same longing for the taste of home that inspired Shawarma Press founder Sawsan Abublan to turn beloved family recipes into a fast food sensation.

Building on the growing national appetite for novel cuisines, fusion foods are also in high demand. Cozymeal named cross-cultural cuisine one of the top food trends of 2021, stating that “the time for creativity and innovation in food has definitely arrived.”

At Shawarma Press, we embraced this concept with open arms, launching two exciting new shawarma recipes that celebrate the best of east and west. Our Tandoori Press™ Shawarma marries the amazing taste of Mediterranean shawarma with delicious Indian flavors for an unforgettable spicy wrap. We also paid tribute to our Texan roots with the Tex-Mex Press™ Shawarma, packed with bell peppers, cheese, and our signature Tex-Mex sauce.

Keeping our finger on the pulse of the hottest trends in the QSR industry is just one more reason why Shawarma Press represents a great restaurant franchise opportunity.

Supporting Our Franchisees

At Shawarma Press, we welcome entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. We’ve worked hard on our business operations to create a training program that provides a robust roadmap for new franchisees as they establish their own Shawarma Press location. We prefer that our franchisees have some restaurant experience, but we’re open to industry newcomers and provide lots of support on every step of their journey to becoming owner/operators.

One of the key things that new franchisees learn when they join the Shawarma Press restaurant franchise opportunity is how to recreate our authentic, homemade menu options. We pride ourselves on ethically sourcing top-quality ingredients and making our signature shawarma, hummus, and desserts from scratch.

Shawarma Press is Expanding with New Restaurant Investment Opportunities

Our Mediterranean food franchise has proven popular with consumers. The flagship Shawarma Press location in Irving, TX, has over 1600 Google reviews with a 4.4 star average rating (as of Feb. 2022). We’re not only one of the first shawarma restaurants in the DFW area, we’ve also created a new and exciting restaurant franchise opportunity.

With ambitious expansion plans across Texas and the surrounding states, there are many opportunities available to get involved. Our business model includes flexible floor plans of 1500-2500 square-foot traditional units and smaller options for food courts and food halls. Wide investment brackets help franchisees find the right Shawarma Press restaurant franchise opportunity for their budget.

Getting Started with a Shawarma Press Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

If you’re excited about the potential of a Shawarma Press restaurant investment opportunity, get in touch with us now to learn more about available franchises. Take the next step toward joining the fast-growing QSR industry today!

Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press® is the shawarma franchise proud to present the authentic taste of Mediterranean food. It's a fresh, healthy food franchise, in its most flavorful form!

Our QSR franchise team is on a mission to share compelling flavors and offer you a chance to bring them to a location near you! Let's meet our team now.

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