Shawarma Press Carves Out a Niche in Health and Fitness With Nutritious Mediterranean Fare for Fast Casual Dining

Mediterranean Fast Casual Franchise

Menu items align with #1 ranked Mediterranean Diet and Attract Health-Conscious Consumers, Fitness Enthusiasts, and Athletes

Irving, TX  (

Changing Perceptions in Fast Casual Dining Franchises

Most healthcare professionals and dieticians agree that consuming takeout, fast food, or fast casual menu items on a daily basis would be detrimental to your health. However, Shawarma Press, the first authentic Shawarma franchise in the US, is on a mission to change this perception. With a menu aligned with the Mediterranean Diet, which is consistently ranked globally as the healthiest diet in the world, Shawarma Press is attracting health-conscious consumers, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes who can frequent the restaurants daily without sabotaging their health goals.

Meeting the Needs of Health-Conscious Customers

“We are regularly talking with customers who explain their physicians advised them to follow heart healthy diets or to cut down on calories or carbs,” co-founder Sawsan Abublan said. “These customers are faced with the dilemma of never enjoying restaurant meals or choosing healthier options. Our guests are learning we offer an alternative to other QSR franchise menus that are sometimes loaded with empty calories and high in sugars, fat, preservatives, and sodium. We are thrilled to offer our guests delicious, nourishing, heart-healthy dishes they can feel good about,”

Promoting Fitness Awareness Through Shawarma Press

One of the company’s Core Values is Fitness Awareness, which Shawarma Press co-founder Dr. Ehap Sabri promotes by regularly running in marathons sponsored by Shawarma Press. Members of the fitness community in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex where the company is based are also choosing Shawarma Press entrees for post-workout meals and as part of their daily health regimens. Max Khetpachernchai, owner of The Fitsmith private training facility in Irving, said he partnered with Shawarma Press on a “secret menu” for his clients.

Partnering with Fitness Professionals

“I always recommend Shawarma Press to my clients; it’s convenient, delicious, and absolutely perfect because the Mediterranean Diet is high in protein and good fats,” Max noted. “I’m a fan of the Rice Bowl topped with chicken shawarma and their amazing sauce on the side. The Shawarma Press team assessed the special needs of our fitness clients and devised special “secret” items for them that are not on the menu. It’s nutritious food that we feel confident about eating several times a week or even every day.”

Authentic Mediterranean Offerings at Shawarma Press

Shawarma Press is intent on becoming the go-to place for healthy, authentic, and innovative food. This Mediterranean franchise, includes mouth-watering shawarma wraps consisting of all-natural chicken and premium beef, made-from-scratch falafels and hummus, and fresh soups, salads, bowls, and pastries. Customer favorites include the “world famous” freshly made hummus as well as wraps to please all taste buds, including the authentic Chicken Shawarma, the spicy Tandoori Press™ Shawarma and the media featured Tex-Mex Press™ Shawarma. The menu appeals to athletes such as competitive bodybuilder Louie Sullivan, who said regularly eating at Shawarma Press helps him achieve the daily nutrition requirements he needs to build muscles.

Shawarma Press: The Athlete’s Choice

“In any sport, you have to focus on nutrition if you want to successfully compete,” Sullivan said. “As a bodybuilder since 2015, I know I must be extremely focused on nutrition if I want to be powered up the next day. Eating the high-quality proteins incorporated into healthy wraps, bowls, and salads at Shawarma Press is very helpful to the process.”

Interactive Nutritional Tools for Guests

In addition to fitness enthusiasts and athletes, customers on restricted diets or concerned about allergies can take advantage of interactive nutrition calculators at Shawarma Press locations. For guests worried about specific ingredients or overindulging, the nutrition calculator is another way the brand is educating customers about how they can enjoy dining out or choosing takeout as long as they select menu items wisely.

The Company’s Stance on Healthy Choices

“Good health is about consistently making good choices,” said Abublan. “At Shawarma Press, we are making it easier for our guests to make better choices.” The company sponsored runners at a local race in Irving this month with their famous chicken rice bowls, a meal the runners certainly enjoyed after their 5K race.

Mediterranean Fast Casual Dining Franchise

Shawarma Press’ Impact on Local Community Events

Shawarma Press sponsored a 5K race recently in Irving and provided runners with nutritious Chicken Rice Bowls after the race.


Co-founders Sawsan Abublan and Ehap Sabri, Ph.D., are committed to disrupting the fast casual space. They are the recipients of Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers award as well as the Innovation Award presented by Franchise Update Media for the Most Innovative Supply Chain. The company stands true to its core values of Social Responsibility, Fitness Awareness, Integrity, Trustworthiness, and Excellence and has donated more than 20,000 meals to homeless shelters and non-profit organizations.

About Shawarma Press

Since opening its first restaurant in Irving, Texas, in 2017, award-winning Shawarma Press is the nation’s first authentic shawarma franchise. The brand is rapidly expanding with multiple locations in Texas, including several operating in Walmart stores in Plano, San Antonio, Georgetown, and Arlington. Shawarma Press plans to open as many as 100 locations throughout the country in the next five years. For information about franchising, visit

Shawarma Press Media Team

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Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press® is the shawarma franchise proud to present the authentic taste of Mediterranean food. It's a fresh, healthy food franchise, in its most flavorful form!

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