We are Committed to the Growth of Shawarma Franchises

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Shawarma Press remains committed to not only safely serving customers the same quality dishes that we have become known for, but also in our commitment to the growth of our shawarma franchises system.

As the country begins to reopen with newfound restrictions, the ethnic cuisine fast casual restaurant industry is uniquely positioned for stable growth and expansion.

Our growth is built on a solid foundation of quality menu items and is enhanced by Shawarma Press efficient strategic business operations and support for our franchisees.

Authentic Recipes, the Secret of Our Shawarma Franchises

Shawarma Press expertly crafted dishes are the foundation of our business. The recipes are the result of years of experience as well as the continual refining of our recipes and processes.

The dishes remain true and authentic to their Mediterranean roots, paying attention to every detail to ensure consistency during preparation. The variety of recipes, ingredients, and spices have been carefully chosen to appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

When creating our shawarma franchise menu, no detail was ignored, from the consistency of the hummus and falafel to the creation of the sauces, which have been specifically designed for Shawarma Press to ensure maximum flavor in every bite while avoiding being too overwhelming.

Additionally, the appetizers, soups, salads, and other sides have been carefully crafted to deliver authentic Mediterranean flavor which leaves our guests craving more.

Culinary Development, Training, and Support

Preparing shawarma is an art form that normally requires high-caliber skills and years of practice.
However, at Shawarma Press we have spent years not just mastering the craft, but also developing a system by which franchisees can skillfully replicate our signature dishes through intensive menu training and built-in support structures.

Our shawarma franchise operations are designed to allow franchisees to prepare authentic recipes quickly and efficiently without sacrificing taste or flavor.
Shawarma Press has created two comprehensive training programs: one for management and one for restaurant staff.

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These hands-on programs have been designed to teach and reinforce Shawarma Press brand standards and processes for employees of all skill levels. Franchisees can also rely on the support of the corporate office’s team of highly skilled chefs who have dedicated many years to the art form of shawarma.

Local Menu Development and Fusion

While Shawarma Press is known for our traditional Mediterranean dishes, we also know that flavor is versatile, and experimentation is the key to growth.

At Shawarma Press we are always looking for ways to create customized fusions by blending local favorites with traditional Mediterranean dishes.

In Texas, for example, this has led to the creation of the Tex-Mex Press™ Shawarma, which consists of a traditional grilled chicken shawarma as well as bell peppers, onion, and cheese in a Tex-Mex sauce local to the region. We know that food and tastes are constantly evolving and seek to appeal to as many palates as possible by offering familiar flavors while also introducing Mediterranean staples to new markets — a key aspect of franchisee growth and expansion.

High Quality Vendors and Support

Like most businesses, many restaurants have experienced some unforeseen logistical challenges in recent months. One of the biggest challenges has been with the reliability of suppliers and vendors.

Our shawarma franchise in the USA prides itself on partnering with stable and reliable equipment vendors and food suppliers.

This reliance on centralized, select key vendors and suppliers allows franchisees to quickly purchase most of their equipment and product in only a few places, thus saving time and lowering the risk of interruption to the supply chain. In addition to the quality of their products and competitive pricing for franchisees, the vendors have also been chosen for their commitment to customer service and reliability of delivery.

Cutting Edge Technology

While the future of dining-in at restaurants remains unclear, one thing is for certain: tech-savvy consumers have adapted to the new world of online ordering and restaurant delivery. In addition to assisting franchisees in setting up accounts with major food delivery services, Shawarma Press is excited to unveil our online ordering app, which will not only streamline the ordering process for guests, but will also allow franchisees to better understand and communicate with their guests through a loyalty rewards program.

Comprehensive Marketing Support

Shawarma Press’ local marketing operations have been designed to allow franchisees to implement tested marketing approaches while also tailoring them to their local markets.

Shawarma Press provides hands-on marketing guidance and assistance for all franchisees: from helping them understand their local market during the initial franchise development to attending each location’s grand opening event.
This is something important to take into account when asking how much is required to invest in a shawarma franchise. At the corporate level, Shawarma Press national marketing campaign is designed to increase brand awareness on a larger-scale.
This dual approach is crucial in creating multiple impressions on consumers and reinforcing the message that Shawarma Press is a leader in the shawarma franchise market.

Thinking Outside the Wrap

Like most businesses, shawarma franchises have also experienced some of the unique market challenges in recent months. However, Shawarma Press commitment to our products, services standards, and franchisees is just one way that we are prepared to navigate these new challenges.

Additionally, Shawarma Press franchisees have also excelled in the catering space thanks to Shawarma Press’s corporate market penetration strategies as well as a strong partnership with EZCater, a nationwide network for business catering whose platform connects corporate accounts with reliable local caterers and restaurants throughout the United States.

Shawarma Press has also discovered ways to build on our trademark shawarma while appealing to changing consumer tastes.

Fusion flavors, such as the Tex-Mex Press™ and Tandoori Press™ Shawarma are certainly one way that we are achieving this objective. In regards to the demand for gluten free menu items (which has risen in recent years), Shawarma Press has several menu items that are just as tasty and filling as the Shawarma wraps, just without the bread. As more and more customers request vegetarian options, our Shawarma franchise has also incorporated dishes that will accommodate vegetarian guests, thanks to the homemade hummus and falafels that are made from organic chickpeas.

The corporate office regularly evaluates in-depth restaurant data and consumer trend reports in order to meet changing consumer tastes and preferences — knowledge which benefits franchisees as they accommodate an ever-changing consumer landscape.

In conclusion and perhaps most importantly, Shawarma Press is committed to the local communities we serve.

The Shawarma Press business model is designed to give back and support those who need it most — especially during difficult times, whether today, or in the future – leading us to be poised for stable growth even in times of uncertainty.

Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press Franchise

Shawarma Press® is the shawarma franchise proud to present the authentic taste of Mediterranean food. It's a fresh, healthy food franchise, in its most flavorful form!

Our QSR franchise team is on a mission to share compelling flavors and offer you a chance to bring them to a location near you! Let's meet our team now.

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